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Pink Fantasma

Self Defense keychains, Keychain sets.

Self Defense keychains, Keychain sets.

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 These easy-to-carry and non-lethal self-defense keychains help you feel secure and provide peace of mind wherever you go. Whether you're alone or with a group, these keychains provide a powerful and reliable method of protection.


✴️1/Led Light /130 DB Alarm sound. The alarm can be used for lighting.The alarm is activated when the contact pin is pulled out. To silence the alarm reinsert the contact pin into the device.
✴️2/ Wristlet Keychain
✴️3/ Hand Sanitizer Holder
✴️4/ Lipstick Holder
✴️5/ Bottle opener
✴️6/ Window Breaker
✴️7/ No Touch Door Opener
✴️8/ Whistle
✴️9/ Pompom

⭐️Bonus Hidden Key tool ⭐️

This keychain is made of Soft Stretch Neoprene durable material ,easy to clean.

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