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Cowprint Self Defense Keychains/pepper spray keychains

Cowprint Self Defense Keychains/pepper spray keychains

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Black and white cow print Self Defense Keychain set. This set is designed with safety in mind, providing an easy-to-use and effective pepper spray for times of need. It's a lightweight and discreet design that doesn't sacrifice safety for convenience.



✴️Led Light /130 DB Alarm sound. The alarm can be used for lighting.The alarm is activated when the contact pin is pulled out. To silence the alarm reinsert the contact pin into the device.
✴️Wristlet Keychain
✴️Kubotan                                                                    ✴️Pepper spray + tasser (Rhinestone)
✴️Pocket Key tool                                                                        
✴️ Escape hammer -cut seat belts and break windows.


Please be advised due to regulations, we cannot ship pepper spray internationally.The following states with shipping restrictions on pepper spray are:  AK, DC, MA & NY.

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